Our Story

Judy Gregory and Anne-Maree Jaggs opened The Letter Lounge Café & Gifts in early 2016 to celebrate their love of good food and good words. They operate a homestyle, friendly cafe designed as a space for people to linger over their meetings, conversations or private work. Writers are always welcome.

Judy and Anne-Maree use the cafe space out-of-hours to run and facilitate events and workshops:

  • Judy has a background in plain English writing and training, qualitative research, and event facilitation. She hosts regular events for writers and uses the cafe space for public writing workshops. Judy hosts Shut Up & Write, The Philosophy Cafe at The Letter Lounge, and the Brisbane Facilitator’s Network.
  • Anne-Maree has a background in fine art and event management. She uses the cafe space to run public art workshops and private art classes.

The Letter Lounge was initially attached to Northside Meetings, a venue for meetings and training opened by Judy and Anne-Maree in response to their ongoing difficulties finding affordable training space. Northside Meetings offered meeting rooms for hire, with catering supplied by The Letter Lounge. In late 2017, Judy and Anne-Maree closed Northside Meetings and welcomed Speak Up Studio to the Red Hill venue. Speak Up Studio is a performing arts school for children, offering speech and drama lessons and school holiday workshops.

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