Event organisers’ checklist

Here’s a checklist to help you decide what’s needed for a successful event. Not all tasks will be relevant for all events.

Initial planning

  • Define the event’s purpose and intended audience
  • Choose the speaker/facilitator/MC
  • Book the venue
  • Develop the budget
  • Complete a risk assessment

Invite people to attend

  • Develop publicity material
  • Invite participants (advertise; take RSVPs; take and receipt payments; collate special dietary needs; maintain attendance list)
  • Seek media coverage

Venue details

  • Choose and book catering
  • Choose and confirm seating configuration
  • Choose and confirm AV requirements (e.g., internet access, projector, laptop, interactive whiteboard, ‘dumb’ whiteboard, video link, teleconference, microphone and speakers)
  • Develop seating arrangements and place cards

Event details

  • Develop agenda and detailed running sheet (including timing of breaks)
  • Develop any relevant activities (e.g., team building, ice-breakers)
  • Design/collate AV presentations and brief speakers/facilitators
  • Organise report/summary writing and printing

Event supports

  • Develop participant handouts
  • Organise welcome pack/gifts (for participants and/or speakers)
  • Organise photographer
  • Organise entertainment
  • Organise decorations, signage or promotional materials
  • Organise lucky door prize
  • Organise support materials and stationery (e.g., pens, paper, blu-tak, sticky tape, sticky walls, masking tape, butchers’ paper, flipcharts, fiddle toys)

A few days prior

  • Confirm with the venue – room setup, lighting, AV, catering, special dietary requirements
  • Provide running sheet to venue
  • Remind participants and confirm attendance
  • Print name tags
  • Brief volunteers


This checklist was produced by the co-founders of Northside Meetings: Dr Judy Gregory (a writer, facilitator and events organiser) and Anne-Maree Jaggs (an events organiser and artist).